El equipo de La Tasquería de Javi Estévez


Chef Javi Estévez is the brainchild of the project, but his success is thanks to the shared merit of a tight-knit, dedicated team made up of six people in the kitchen and another six in the front of house. This unquestionable family of young people with different professional backgrounds has remained pretty much unchanged since day one.

The kitchen is run by head chef Kike Pedraz, an inquisitive person and Javi Estévez’s right-hand man. They have known each other for 13 years, and it was Pedraz who helped Estévez in his brilliant performance at the Chef of the Year competition. Before a stint at Santceloni (two Michelin stars), they worked together at El Mesón de Doña Filo, a mecca for offal lovers. In 2015, their paths crossed again at La Tasquería, and later on they embarked on a gourmet sandwich project called John Barrita – this time as partners.

Also outstanding in the kitchen is the promising Adrián Collantes, who has enjoyed a meteoric rise at the restaurant; he started out with the original team as an intern and is now sous chef. He studied at the Hospitality and Catering School of Madrid, and likewise embraces the new and reinterpreted offal cuisine created by ‘guru’ Julio Reoyo when he worked at El Mesón de Doña Filo.

Shortly after opening, front-of-house manager Víctor Hernández joined the team; he explains to diners what goes into each dish, describing their flavours, textures and sensory aspects. In addition to guaranteeing excellent service, his role as sommelier includes making the selections for the wine list.

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