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La Tasquería and Javi Estévez

Haute cuisine casqueria with a casual and informal touch

La Tasquería - Javi Estévez 2024


An avant-garde concept of new creations that treats ingredients with love and offers fun as well as appetising dishes, this is a rediscovery of Madrid’s gastronomic tradition and a reinvention of offal’s elegant side.

A powerful cuisine from deep within, where every dish conveys emotions.

Forget all your preconceptions and get ready to enjoy a surprising and succulent sensory experience!

La Tasquería de Javi Estévez
La Tasquería - Javi Estévez 2024


Reinterpreting offal is our philosophy. A creative twist to honour offal lovers and, in addition, a chance to show those who are less keen on this kind of food that our cuisine can be acceptable to everyone.

In the first three years since we opened, 6,900 dishes of trotters, over 17,000 pig’s tails, 41,000 starters, 3,400 suckling pig heads, and 6,000 kilos of tripe, shank and snout have been served, and these are just a few of the numbers that showcase our success.

What are you waiting for….

After two years (2017 and 2018) in which we were distinguished as Bib Gourmand, in 2019 we experienced one of the most exciting moments since we opened La Tasquería. The Michelin Guide decided to award us 1 Star for its 2019 edition.

In 2020 we had the honour of revalidating that Star and in 2021, a particularly complicated year, we continue with this recognition.

We renewed our Star in 2022, 2023 and this year 2024 we continue to be worthy of this trust from the Michelin Guide.

A thousand thanks to all of you who have visited us in recent years and, of course, to the great team that has made this possible!

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La Tasquería de Javi Estévez - Logo
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