La carta de La Tasquería de Javi Estévez


Elegant offal is part of our DNA. From Beef, lamb, pork, rabbit, cockerel and duck there are tripe, liver, trotters, tail, kidneys, head, tongue, tendons, heart, brains, cockscombs… we cook it all! Our original menu is designed for enjoyment and sharing. But La Tasquería offers other dishes too for satisfying those who are less gutsy. Come in and take a look. And don’t forget to ask for our daily specials because we’ll always surprise you with something new.

We also offer two tasting menus: short and long, where Javi will put your nose-to-tail barometer to the test with each dish.

La Tasquería Delivery & Take Away

Ahora puedes pedir algunos platos emblemáticos de La Tasquería y los mejores bocadillos de John Barrita para enviar a casa o hacer tu pedido para recoger en LA TASQUERÍA
Now you can order some emblematic dishes from La Tasquería and the best John Barrita sandwiches to send home or place your order and pick it up at at La Tasquería
Vous pouvez désormais commander des plats emblématiques de La Tasquería et les meilleurs sandwichs John Barrita à renvoyer chez vous ou passer votre commande à ramasser à La Tasquería

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